Margin Account

Enhance your investing power and potential returns with additional funds

Margin Account

In addition to your Global Wealth Management Account, you can also open a margin account allowing you to borrow part of the security’s purchase price and pay for trades.


  • Additional funds up to 60% of the total value of the stock for purchase
  • Large variety of eligible stocks with variable margin ratios to choose from
  • Attractive lending rates


Client who opens a margin account can invest for less money than buying the securities outright. This is most useful when you may not have the full cash amount available when the investment opportunity arises. On top, clients with marginable securities within their portfolio can borrow money against eligible stocks up to a certain pre-arranged limit as long as they are fully paid for.

Please talk to a members of our team to learn more about our margin account facilities and minimal financial requirements. Margin facilities only apply to selected stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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