Managing Your Wealth

Choose an investment approach that meets your lifestyle

Decide how involved you want to be

We all need our money to grow in order to maintain the current value of wealth in real terms.To achieve this aim, we need to be confident that assets are management efficiently and effectively.

Our Portfolio Management Service allows you to benefit directly from a team of investment professionals which are expertise in market research, portfolio construction and ongoing investment management. Based on your risk acceptance level, your dedicated portfolio manager will offer tailored strategies to help you manage your wealth in your choice of currencies including AUD, EUR, GBP, HKD and USD.

Investment services can be offered on a discretionary, active advisory or execution only basis. Whether you want to be heavily involved with your investment strategies or you want to leave it to our professionals to manage on your behalf, the choice is yours.

Direct Investment Service

For clients who prefer to make their own investment decisions, we offer an efficient execution service where you have access to leading investment products and services.

Tailored Portfolio Service

Working with you together, we will draw up an investment portfolio framework that is customized to your personal objectives and will guide your portfolio investment decisions. This service can be on advisory or discretionary basis.

Wealth Builder Service

A service that can assist you to build and preserve wealth so that you can pass on to loved ones that you wish to benefit. Through our wealth builder service, you can invest fixed amounts at regular intervals towards a tailored mandate designed to optimize returns from conversations to aggressive allocations.

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