Structured Products

For clients whom are also Professional Investors, we offer an array of investment solutions that can be personalized to meet your investment objectives

What are structured products?

In general, a “structured product” is an instrument embedded with derivative, under which the return, the amount due and/or the method of settlement is determined by reference to:

  • changes in the price, value and/or level of one or more reference underlying (e.g. securities, commodity, index); and/or
  • the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event.

Some structured products are high risk and are not suitable for inexperienced investors.

What types of structured products we offer?

With access to a wide range of asset classes, our bespoke and tailored structured products can provide you with the ability to capitalize on your personalized market views.

Winland can offer, but not limited to, the following types of unlisted structured products for professional investors under private placement.

Yield Enhancement Products
  • Equity Linked Note
  • Knock Out Equity Linked Note
  • Fixed Coupon Note
  • Barrier Fixed Coupon Note
  • Inverse Barrier Fixed Coupon Note
Participation Products
  • Bonus Certificate
  • Digital Bonus Certificate
Accumulation Products
  • Accumulator
  • Decumulator
Leverage Products
  • Leveraged Tracker

Our clients can select their preferred product issuer from multi-national Commercial, Investment and Private Banks headquartered throughout Asia, America and Europe; to reputable Insurers. For further information, please contact one of our representatives.

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